About Debera

When I started my business many years ago, I was interested in helping people to get focused.

At first, I had a health and wellness center where I used alternative ways to help people get focused – including working with people who had ADD, ADHD, closed head injuries – and all manner of other learning challenges.

I also worked as a high performance coach.  I met a gentleman that was a prominent sports coach in Denver, and after he had experienced some of my work, he introduced me to a professional athlete and asked me if I could work with him.  I did, and I realized that some of the same focusing techniques that I had used with others were paying off richly in the world of professional athletics.  I got more athletes to work with – and each one of them ended up being in the top ten standings in the world.

I was also realizing that the same – and similar techniques – were making big changes for people in other businesses.

And why not?  If a professional athlete can shave hundredths of a seconds off their performance in a competitive and very high-pressure arena, why couldn’t business owners also use those same tools to help themselves get lots more done in much less time – with much less pressure – double, 3x or 10x their revenues, have more time freedom and get to the fun faster?  And have much more joy while working – all the while kicking overwhelm to the corner?

I realized that I had created something that was unique, and so I created a program called THE FOCUS ADVANTAGE.

I now offer my unique system to others as an online program, as well.  In the program, THE FOCUSED ADVANTAGE, I teach people how to be get things done really quickly and easily – and without overwhelm, by teaching how to be fully present and fully focused in the moment – with the addition of brain focusing exercises – so they can be action-oriented, have much more energy, and joy – and the perception that they have more time.

I am happy to have presented these same techniques to many happy clients, over the years.

People learn that work does not have to be a four letter word – and, to date, I have never had a single person who, after learning these techniques, wanted to go back to the old way of doing things.

Why?  Well, if your brain can go at  the speed of a Lamborghini, who would want to go back to the old brain processing speed of an old Model T?