Change can feel uncomfortable because, well, it is change from the status quo.  Right?

Even though you are unhappy, you will start accepting the change or circumstances that you do not like – at least at some level.  The status quo becomes familiar.  And because it becomes familiar, you will start to resist the very change that you say you want.  Wow!  For that reason, change can become very hard, because there is the change itself, and then there is the resistance to the change to get over, too.


And if that weren’t enough, if the change reminds you, at all, of another time when change was hard, then you get to re-live the difficulties of the change that you went through before that was so difficult – or maybe you are reminded of more than one change that was difficult.  You then get to re-live them all, at least in part, and then you get to feel really bad and uncomfortable.  

Now most of this discomfort will be coming from your subconscious memories, so much of the time you will not even know why you are feeling so bad.  You will just feel bad, and wonder why.

That is the devastating part.  It is insidious.  It creeps up on you when you least expect it.

No wonder you don’t really like change, but … there is an easier way!!

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