Foiling A $1,200.00 Attempted Theft With Awareness

There are all kinds of things that bother us, but many of those things are related to safety.

Do you feel safe in this world where there is so much violence, senseless killings, theft, and even terrorism?

There are many areas in which we place our worry.  These might not all apply you, but some may.  You might worry about being able to pay the rent, or if you can put enough food on our table, or if you have enough money to invest in that new program that is going to expand your business.  You might even be worrying about your health – or about not having enough time to do the things you need to do.

Or maybe you are worried about credit card theft – and so you are watching your credit cards and accounts.  

I have a friend here in California who says that someone tries to steal money or information from her at least once every year.  I heard that and I remember being so surprised.  For that reason, she watches her accounts constantly, and is very nervous about her accounts.  And who could blame her?

There are so many things to be anxious about in this world of ours.

Another woman is always talking about how she does not feel safe, as a young woman, alone in the big city.  

Although I think it is prudent to be cautious – and to be knowledgeable, I do not believe in living in a constant state of anxiety.

One thing that you may not realize is that some people take the training I offer just so they can stay as safe as possible.  

When you become really aware, you can see the danger as it is coming in your direction, or even totally prevent it.

See me on my Facebook Live this next week for an amazing story of foiling a $1,200.00 attempted theft with awareness.


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