How to Shift your Beliefs and Set Goals

I will admit.  I was very surprised.

I had been working with this lady for some time and I knew that she had received some high-level training, not only from me, but from another high-level coach that I know.  So I just assumed that she had a basic understanding of how the Universe works.… 

As an assignment, I was asking her to make a declaration that she had achieved a particular GOAL in her life. 

{Why?  Remember the Einstein experiments?  Remember how the results of the experiments changed dependent on the beliefs of the person in the chamber in which they were doing the experiment?  


Well, then.  That would lead a person to believe that you had better care what you think about and to choose your thoughts wisely. After all, you have learned that your beliefs can change your life, for better or for worse.

There are many processes that can be introduced that can help you change your beliefs and thoughts so that they support you instead of holding you back.

One of those things is to ask the person to make a declaration about something that they would like to be so, as though it is so.  Now don’t worry.  You are not lying.  It is kind of like visualizing, only with words.  

By saying it with vigor and conviction, and as though it really is true, you are calling it into existence.}

Back to my client.  She said she could not possibly make the declaration that her challenges were gone, because all of her past experiences had shown her that that simply was not true.

Yet she had missed the point.  This exercise is all about saying that YOUR GOAL is true, BEFORE it is true. 

It doesn’t require that you believe what you are saying, at first, but that you ACT and SOUND as though you do.

Though this is not all that is required to change a belief, it is a good start.

Wait till you hear how this helped a group of business owners to 2x their businesses in 80 days!! 

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