How to Shift your Life Patterns

Take a good look at your life.  Do you see any patterns?

Is the world just a reflection of our innermost thoughts – conscious and mostly unconscious?

Of course, what do you do if you don’t know what is unconscious?

Well, sometimes you can see that looking at your life might be quite revealing.

As an example, look at the young lady who has some issues with being abandoned as a child (we will call her Sally), and so as a young lady, she experiences total angst when her boyfriend is late for a date.  She expresses her angst to her girlfriend and her girlfriend asks Sally how late her date actually is.  Sally replies that he is only fifteen minutes late.  Her friend takes note that Sally is being quite unreasonable and that she has a level of anxiety which doesn’t seem directly related to just this circumstance.   Her girlfriend is quite accurate.  Having a boyfriend who is fifteen minutes late once is – or should not be the end of the world.  But … if it is tied to something that happened long ago and that is now subconscious, it is a totally different story.  


And the way the brain works, there are probably several unconscious events that are each tied to this reaction that Sally had, because … there is usually more than one.

And then, once you have had a bad experience, your brain will try to protect you from having the original event repeat itself, but, unfortunately, it has already been hard-wired, and so will repeat itself over and over again – until you change that original belief from one of abandonment to something more acceptable.

Did you ever see the movie, Groundhog Day?  That was a great movie.  Though fictitious, it aptly shows what happens in most people’s lives.  The same types of behaviors and events get to keep repeating until the person finally does something to change that pattern.

Only then can they be finally free!  

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