How to Stay Productive

Some of you regard taking time for yourself (going to the ocean, going to an art fair), etc., as being non-productive.  

But is it, really?


Besides doing what I do now, I have been a high-level, performing musician for many years.  One thing that I heard many years ago has really stuck with me.  I believe it was a composer who said that the rests in a piece of music are as important as the notes in the piece of music.  

First, without them, the notes would just become monotonous.  Secondly, the rests give contrast, and even energy to the notes.  And they definitely become a sort of jumping off point for the notes be more interesting.

What does this have to do with your life and business?  Everything!

You are actually more productive when you take time for yourself.

So enjoy the day.  Really!!  And truly enjoy those activities which don’t seem like work, at all.

Just remind yourself that those activities are definitely working for you!!

And, those activities are sending the message to the Universe that you would like more of that ease and joyful fun in your life.

How much better does it get?!!! 

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