Making A Choice When Everything On Paper Looks Wrong


Most people make all of their decisions from analytical thought.  But, does it always work?

Absolutely not.

You know those times when you have had a gut response to a project or a person, and you have not heeded the wisdom that’s being given to you?

I remember well, meeting a man and feeling a sense of dread, even danger. Yet I disregarded my innermost knowing and soldiered on, thinking that I was making things up – and that he must be a nice person.

Unfortunately for me, he indeed turned out to be a very mean-spirited , power-hungry individual who had the agenda to get me out of the way, because he wanted my clients for himself.  It was most unpleasant.  If I had really listened to my inner knowingness, I would never have found myself in the position of being in close proximity to a person whose agenda was so much at odds with what I was doing in the world.

Have you ever found yourself seeing something as an opportunity that ended up being totally wrong for you?  If you only knew the difference.

Now you can know the difference.  I will show you an ‘inner knowingness’ tool which will enable you to check in at any time to make your best decision.

This will change your life.

Catch me for the next FB Live, on Tuesday at 10:00 am PST, where I will tell you how I got my million dollar view.  And how I did it without spending a million dollars. 

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