One of the Biggest Mistake That Disappoints Most People

One of the biggest mistakes I see when people come to me to start creating their lives is that they think that they know how things will turn out.

And they are usually thinking in a linear fashion, thinking that this thing has to happen, then that thing, and finally the next thing.  And it all has to happen in a logical order that makes sense to them.

I am here to say that nothing could be further from the truth – at least most of the time.


When you are finally ‘in the flow’, I would say that the feeling is more like surfing.  You are riding the waves and they are going in one direction, and then suddenly they are moving you in a different direction.  

You always have a choice whether to ride ‘on top’ with the flow, or to go against the flow by trying to do your own thing, and by trying to do things in the order you think they ought to be done – and that is the precise point at which you get to fall off the wave – and maybe even sink.

Those who feel like they have to have the most control over their lives will have the hardest time learning how to really create their lives, but the creation will be ‘worth the wait’!

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