Your thoughts shape your reality

I am just compelled to write this, so write it, I shall.

I certainly have known for years that what kind of thoughts you have and the energy that you are putting out in the universe can have a profound impact, but there is one particular person that had a profound impact on me.

einstein-2197302_1920That person was referred to as Doc.  Why?  He had so many doctorates in a number of different fields.  I don’t think people could remember what all his doctorates were in, so calling him Doc was the easy way to introduce him.

This man had been the youngest person ever admitted into an Einstein think tank.

By the time I met him, he was a very old man.  I don’t think that he spoke very much, but for special people, he would give presentations once in awhile.  I was privileged enough to be invited to one of those.

I had had quite a bit of talent in math at one time, and had read enthusiastically about some of Einstein’s experiments, so I thought I might be able to follow along, at least for awhile.

As it turns out, I really couldn’t get much of what he was saying, because it was so high level, but what I got was life altering.

I had long been intrigued by some of Einstein’s experiments and that his best-laid plans had been foiled due to the unthinkable.  He had predicted all the variables and laid out the experiments for the best results.

What he hadn’t planned for was that the results of his experiments changed dependent on each person’s thoughts who was in the chamber  for the experiment – and how they expected the experiment to turn out.

The ‘unseen’ world had been responsible for the outcome of the experiments.

According to Doc, the results of these experiments had so profoundly affected Einstein, that he was a very changed person after that.  His life would never be the same again.

What does this have to do with you?

We have been talking about your judgements and conclusions.

Why?  Because your judgements, conclusions and beliefs can profoundly impact the experiment that I will call ‘Your Life Experiment’.

What you think about yourself matters – and the thoughts that you are picking up from others matter.  And what you think about others matters.

These thoughts can make your life a kind of heaven or they can make your life a living ____.

Which would you prefer?

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